IT WILL BE! is an art project focusing on the power of working on handcrafted textiles together.

Over the course of several gatherings, different groups of people will come together to create a modular tapestry-like artwork, embedded in a huge wooden structure. The focus will be upon meeting, exchanging skills and stories, and joining together to create this collaborative art piece. Participants can use their own chosen technique ( sewing, knitting, knotting, crocheting, etc. ) traditional fabrics, or use our provided materials in order to decorate one or several parts of the artwork. We use textile as a simple and basic material and handwork techniques from all cultures and traditions.

Within the project, participants will work on double sided triangles and seating elements ( textile poufs ) for the final exhibition starting in March 2016. All triangles have a front side and a back side: the coloured side will be decorated with flowers. No matter what kind of flower: just be creative! On the gray side there will be place for a personal text. All participants are free to determine their own language and message. Together the triangles will form a large patchwork carpet connected to two dome-shaped spaces. On one side a flowery meadow will emerge and decorate the gallery, while on the reverse side triangles will display a sea of texts, messages and statements written by the makers. The poufs that are produced alongside the triangles can be sold by participants during the exhibition.

During the production time audio and video recordings of participants will be made. The acoustic material will be used to create an audio installation in the exhibition space and videos will be projected within the triangle landscape.