The Sensorium goes HaL

Rites of the Sensorium

April 19: 12 – 18h
April 21: 12 – 18h


Participants will have a firsthand opportunity to explore elements of the Sensorium as a ceremony. Everyday tools and gestures are reorganized in such a way as to extend our sensual and creative interactions with the material world and each other. We will focus on communication, integrity, and pleasure; central to this is the sharing of undivided, positive attention respective of personal boundaries.

Sample objects used in a Sensorium may include: food (fresh fruits and vegetables, dry legumes, chocolate, salt, and other spices), the human voice (live singing and musical instruments), textiles of all kinds, stone, cotton swabs, cooking utensils, beads, beach sand, clothespins, feathers, books, sports equipment, wood, flowers, pens, (new) paintbrushes, etc. Places to find sensorial tools: hardware stores, grocery stores, your closet, your basement, the woods, auto repair shops, etc.

Please bring a beach towel or yoga mat and at least five (hidden) sensorial objects. Sensoriums will be free of charge and there is no need to register; you are welcome to make a donation.

Photo: Sensorium realized as a part of the project, Mending and Bending Remedies Beneath the Palm Tree, with Paul Philipp Heinze, Linards Kulless, Christoph Mühlau, Janne Schäfer / J&K, Melissa Steckbauer & Magda Tothova. Courtesy: Gerald Kerkletz. Part of Vienna Art Week — Studio Visits Palme13, Vienna, 2015.